Sample 6 days Itinerary with Alexandria

  • Day 1 - CAIRO City | Arrival

    Arrival: Arrival at Cairo International Airport, where the Nubia Representative will assist you with customs clearance, luggage and airport procedure through the MEET AND ASSIST SERVICES.
    Single entry visa is available for the US citizens but passports have to be valid for at least 6 months from the arrival day
    Transfer: Transfer in modern air-conditioned van to your deluxe 5 star downtown Cairo hotel, for check–in and overnight.
    Overnight: At your hotel in Cairo.

  • Day 2 - CAIRO City | Visits

    Breakfast: Leisurely buffet breakfast at your hotel
    National Museum: In the afternoon, meet with the Egyptologist who will escort you on a tour of 7,000 years of Egyptian history with a visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, which includes the world-famous golden treasures from King Tutenkhamun’s tomb.
    Mummies Room: You will have the chance today to go inside the fabulous “Mummies Room”, where the mummies of the Royal kings, queens and Pharaohs are kept in state.
    Walking Tour through the Islamic Quarter: You will continue your visits to one of the Old Gates of Cairo; Bab El Fotouh, to start this amazing walk through the ancient Islamic quarter, with its narrow streets, and bustling road-side shops and "wekalas" – trading places, that still actively trade in all sorts of wares. Walk down Al Moez Street until you reach the recently renovated Beit El Seheimi, one of the most impressive homes of the 17th century Islamic era.
    The Khan El Khalili Bazaar: Proceed to the fascinating Khan El-Khalili Bazaar – reputed to be the largest bazaar in the Middle East. Originally founded as a watering stop for caravanserai in the 14th century, the bazaar has now grown to vast proportions. As you wander through the labyrinth of narrow streets you will find workshops and stalls selling all manner of things from woodwork, glassware and leather goods to perfumes, fabrics and Pharaonic curiosities.
    Welcome Dinner: Enjoy a 5-star casual dinner of traditional oriental dishes today, at the Arabian-style Neguib Mahfouz Restaurant. Named after the Nobel-prize-winning Egyptian author, the restaurant lies in the very heart of the 14th-century Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, and is steeped in atmosphere and history
    Hotel: Return to your hotel and overnight
    Overnight: At your hotel in Cairo.

  • Day 3 - CAIRO & ALEXANDRIA Cities | ALEXANDRIA Visits

    Breakfast: Breakfast boxes will be provided
    Drive to Alexandria: Depart by air-conditioned coach along the desert highway to the city of Alexandria, “Ancient Queen of the Mediterranean”.
    Greco-Roman Museum: Your first visit today is to the Greco-Roman Museum. The collection includes over 40,000 mummies, sculptures, sarcophagi, pottery, coins and tapestries from as early as the 3rd century BC.
    OPTIONAL – Royal Jewelry Museum: This incredible Museum houses some of the greatest treasures from Egyptian Royal history.
    Catacombs: The Catacombs are the largest known Roman burial site in Egypt, consisting of three tiers of tombs and chambers cut into the rock to a depth of about 35 meters. Constructed in the 2nd century AD, probably as a family crypt, they were later expanded to hold more than 300 individual tombs. There is even a banquet hall where grieving relatives paid their last respects with a funeral feast.
    Pompey’s Pillar: This massive 25-metre-high pink granite column, which the Crusaders mistakenly credited to Pompey, rises out of the remains of the famed Serapeum, an acropolis including a temple dedicated to the Goddess Isis, and Cleopatra’s library.
    Roman Amphitheater: This is the only Roman amphitheater in Egypt, discovered quite recently, when the foundations for a new apartment building were being dug. The terraces, arranged in a semicircle around the arena, are extremely well-preserved.
    Lunch: Lunch this day will be at a traditional restaurant overlooking the beach.
    Qait Bay Fort: This 15th century Mamluk fort overlooks the entrance to the Eastern Harbor in Alexandria. It is built on the foundations of the Pharos lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and incorporates both a castle and a mosque within its walls.
    Return to Cairo: Drive back to Cairo in your air-conditioned bus
    Hotel: Return to your hotel and overnight
    Overnight: At your hotel in Cairo

  • Day 4 - CAIRO City | Visits

    Breakfast: Leisurely buffet breakfast at your hotel
    Islamic Cairo: With your Egyptologist, take a fascinating tour of Islamic Cairo, including the beautiful and graceful Mohamed Ali Mosque and the ancient Citadel, a spectacular medieval fortress perched on a hill above the city. Originally built by Salah El-Din in 1176 to fortify the city against the Crusaders, the Citadel was modified and enlarged over the centuries by subsequent rulers and today is a complex of three mosques and four museums. . Your tour will also include visiting to Sultan Hassan & Refaai Mosque where are located the Chah of Iran & Egyptian Royal Family’s cemeteries
    Lunch: Lunch at the famous “Azhar Park” which is a part of Agha Khan’s charity founditions around the world & has a great view to the whole of the old Cairo
    Coptic Cairo: Your Egyptologist will guide you after the lunch round the highlights of Coptic Cairo. There you will find the remains of the old Fortress of Babylon, built at the time of the Romans in Egypt to protect the country from invading enemies.
    Churches: The walls of the fortress enclose the Church of St. Sergius, which is built on a crypt considered to be one of the resting places of the Holy Family during their flight to Egypt 2000 years ago. You will also see the “Hanging Church”supported by only one column, and boasting incredible paintings inside.
    Synagogue of Ben Ezra: Visit the Synagogue of Ben Ezra, from the time of the once thriving Jewish community in Egypt under the leadership of Rabbi Ben Ezra. Inside were discovered the so-called “Geniza Documents”, which showed an unparalleled source of information about life of the Jews in Egypt’s past.
    Hotel: Return to your hotel and overnight
    Overnight: At your hotel in Cairo.

  • Day 5 -CAIRO City | Visits

    Breakfast: Leisurely buffet breakfast at your hotel
    Full Day visiting the most famous Pyramids of Egypt:
    Dahshour Pyramids: The Egyptologist will escort you to one of the most important Pyramids in Egypt however still an irregular visit to many of the visitors. This southern extension of the necropolis of Sakkara is a field of Royal tombs about 3.5km long, only opened to tourists in 1996. Several pyramids can be found here, including the famed “Bent Pyramid”. As one of the most unusual pyramids in Egypt, and also one of the best preserved as much of its casing remains, it has attracted considerable attention over the centuries. The Bent Pyramid actually underwent three different alterations away from the original plans, which called for the structure to have an angle of almost 60o. This was then changed to 55o, requiring that the base be enlarged. When the pyramid was about 45 meters high, the angle of the slope was again reduced to 45o. Later pyramids, like those at Giza, usually had a slope of between 52 and 53 degrees. Another of the three pyramids at Dahshour which was built by the Pharaoh Sneferu, father of Cheops (of the Great Pyramid at Giza), is the Red Pyramid. This monument gets its common name from the reddish limestone used to build most of its core, but it is also sometimes referred to as the Shining or Northern Pyramid. It is the fourth highest pyramid ever built in Egypt, with almost 160 layers of stone. Significantly, the Red Pyramid was the first successful, true, cased-Pyramid built in Egypt. Together, these pyramids represent the transition from the step-pyramid of Sakkara to the smooth-sided pyramids of Giza.
    Step Pyramids at Sakkara: At vast Sakkara, you will see the famous Step Pyramid of King Zoser, the first freestanding stone structure in the world. Our Egyptologist will guide you to some tombs belonging to the nobles of the past. They show the beauty and excellence of Ancient Egyptian art on their walls and give an insight on the daily life of Ancient Egypt.
    Lunch: Lunch today will be a-la-carte lunch at a local restaurant, overlooking the Pyramids.
    Pyramids of Giza: after the lunch, the Egyptologist will escort you to an unforgettable tour of the Great Pyramids of Giza; the only present-day survivors of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. They are among the world’s greatest tourist attractions and never lose their ability to inspire and overwhelm visitors.
    Solar Boat Museum: This day the tour will include the little visited but incredible Solar Boat Museum beside the Great Pyramid of Cheops, considered to be the single most important archaeological find in Egypt since the Tomb of Tutenkhamun’s. Discovered in a pit by the Great Pyramid in 1954, -the entire boat was carefully reconstructed and placed in the museum seen on that day.
    Camel Ride: No trip to Egypt would be complete without a ride on a “ship of the desert”, and so today you have the opportunity to mount your individual camel for a short ride across the sands of Giza.
    Sphinx: Enter the temple of the mysterious Sphinx, an ancient figure shrouded in legend and mystery. Your Egyptologist will enthrall you with the tales told of this fascinating figure.
    Hotel: Return to your hotel and overnight
    Overnight: At your hotel in Cairo.

  • Day 6 - CAIRO City | Departure

    Breakfast: Breakfast at your hotel in Cairo
    Transfer: The Nubia Tours Representative will meet you at the hotel lobby to escort you to the airport and assist you with all departure formalities.
    (Pick up time is 3 hours prior to scheduled international flight)
    Flight: Board your scheduled international flight.