Sample 9 days Itinerary with Cruise

  • Day 1 - CAIRO City | Arrival

    Arrival: Arrival at Cairo International Airport, where the Nubia Tours Representative will assist you with customs clearance, luggage and airport procedure through the MEET AND ASSIST SERVICES.
    Single entry visa is available for the US citizens but passports have to be valid for at least 6 months from the arrival day
    Transfer: Transfer in modern air-conditioned van to your deluxe 5 star hotel for check –in and overnight Depending on the arrival time, we could arrange some evening activities, dinner on that evening
    Overnight: At your hotel in Cairo.

  • Day 2 - CAIRO City | Visits

    Breakfast: Buffet breakfast at your hotel in Cairo
    Grand Museum’s exclusive visit: The Museum is due to open by the year 2020. The visit will include checking out the constructions work, labs where restorations are made & meeting with the director of the Museum if possible
    Lunch: Lunch that day will be at a local restaurant, with the great view of the Great Pyramids.
    Hotel: Return to your hotel
    National Museum: In the early evening, your Egyptologist will escort you on a tour of 7,000 years of Egyptian history with a visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, which includes the world-famous golden treasures from King Tutenkhamun’s tomb.
    Mummies Room: You will have the chance today to go inside the fabulous “Mummies Room”, where the mummies of the Royal kings, queens and Pharaohs are kept in state.
    Hotel: Return to your hotel & overnight
    Overnight: At your hotel in Cairo.

  • Day 3 - CAIRO City | CAIRO Visits

    Breakfast: Buffet breakfast at your hotel in Cairo
    Pyramids of Giza: After breakfast, your Egyptologist will escort you to an unforgettable tour of the Great Pyramids of Giza; the only present-day survivors of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. They are among the world’s greatest tourist attractions and never lose their ability to inspire and overwhelm visitors.
    Solar Boat Museum: Your tour this day will include the little visited but incredible Solar Boat Museum beside the Great Pyramid of Cheops, considered to be the single most important archaeological find in Egypt since the Tomb of Tutenkhamun’s. Discovered in a pit by the Great Pyramid in 1954, -the entire boat was carefully reconstructed and placed in the museum.
    Camel Ride: No trip to Egypt would be complete without a ride on a “ship of the desert”, and so this day you have the opportunity to mount your individual camel for a short ride across the sands of Giza.
    Sphinx: Enter the temple of the mysterious Sphinx, an ancient figure shrouded in legend and mystery. Your Egyptologist will enthrall you with the tales told of this fascinating figure.
    Lunch : Lunch at the famous “Azhar Park” which is a part of Agha Khan’s charity founditions around the world & has a great view to the whole of old Cairo
    Coptic Cairo: Your Egyptologist will guide you after the lunch round the highlights of Coptic Cairo. There you will find the remains of the old Fortress of Babylon, built at the time of the Romans in Egypt to protect the country from invading enemies.
    Churches: The walls of the fortress enclose the Church of St. Sergius, which is built on a crypt considered to be one of the resting places of the Holy Family during their flight to Egypt 2000 years ago. You will also see the “Hanging Church” supported by only one column, and boasting incredible paintings inside.
    Synagogue of Ben Ezra: Visit the Synagogue of Ben Ezra, from the time of the once thriving Jewish community in Egypt under the leadership of Rabbi Ben Ezra. Inside were discovered the so-called “Geniza Documents”, which showed an unparalleled source of information about life of the Jews in Egypt’s past.
    Hotel: Return to your hotel and overnight
    Overnight: At your hotel in Cairo.

  • Day 4 - Luxor City | Visits & Cruise

    Breakfast: Buffet breakfast at your hotel in Cairo & checkout.
    Transfer: The Nubia Tours Representative will escort you to the domestic airport and assist you with all departure formalities.
    Flight: Board your scheduled flight to Luxor
    Arrival: Arrival at Luxor domestic Airport, where Nubia Tours Representative will assist you with luggage.
    Transfer: Transfer in modern air-conditioned vehicle to your DELUXE 5-star cruise boat on the Nile, for check-in & lunch
    Karnak Temple: Proceed to the Temple of Karnak, built over more than a thousand years by generations of Pharaohs. The great “Hypostyle Hall” is an incredible forest of giant pillars, covering an area larger than the whole of Notre Dame Cathedral.
    Luxor Temple: Afterwards, your Egyptologist will guide you on a tour of the East Bank of Luxor, starting with the strikingly graceful Temple of Luxor dedicated to the god Amun.
    Return to your cruise & afternoon tea
    Dinner on board your cruise.
    Overnight: On board your cruise in Luxor

  • Day 5 -LUXOR City | LUXOR Visits

    Breakfast: on board your cruise
    West Bank of Luxor: Transfer to the West Bank, to explore the West Bank of ancient Thebes. Visit Valley of the Kings, with its royal tombs, King Tut's tomb and Ramses "the Six". This is followed by a visit to the temple of Madinat Habu
    Visit to The Tomb of Nefertari: Long praised as the most beautifully-decorated of all the tombs on the West Bank of Luxor, this masterpiece of Egyptian art was restored by the Egyptian Antiquities Authority and the Getty Conservation institute in the USA. Specialists worked for 6 years to clean the paintings and re-affix them to the plaster walls from where they had been flaking, and today it is hardly conceivable that such vibrant colors have actually not been retouched since they were first laid thousands of years ago. The tomb is currently opened for limited number of visitors based on the first come , first get the tickets however with our good connections with the High Supreme of Antiquates ,we can manage secure the tickets ahead of time
    Lunch: on board your cruise
    Sail: to Esna and cross the Esna locks
    Cocktail: reception with entertainments
    Dinner: on board the cruise
    Overnight: On board your cruise in Esna

  • Day 6 - Luxor City | Edfu & KomOmbo

    Sail: to Edfu at around Dawn time
    Breakfast: on board the cruise
    Horus Temple in Edfu: This is a temple that is dedicated to Horus, the falcon headed god, and it was built during the reigns of six Ptolemies
    Sail: to KomOmbo
    Crocodiles & Falcon God Temples in Kom Ombo: Visit the twin temple of Komombo. One side of the temple is dedicated to the crocodile God Sobek, God of fertility and creator of the world. The other side is dedicated to the falcon God Haroeis, also known as Horus the Elder.
    Afternoon tea & SPA time
    Dinner on board the cruise
    Overnight: On board your cruise in Kom Ombo

  • Day 7 - ASWAN City | Visits

    Early sailing to Aswan
    Breakfast: on board the cruise
    Philae Temple: Take a short motorboat ride to visit the romantic and majestic Philae Temple on the Island of Agilka. The entire temple faced flooding when the High Dam was built, and was moved stone by stone to a new island, specially landscaped to be similar to the old.
    Lunch: on board your cruise
    Afternoon tea
    Nubian Museum: This is the only museum in the world dedicated to the artifacts and culture of the “Land of Gold”, as ancient Nubia was known by the Pharaohs. The museum contains many rare artifacts, unique statues, and mummies. The museum also houses several models showing Nubian heritage, the panorama of the Nile, and a Nubian-style house.
    Farewell Dinner on board the cruise
    Overnight: On board your cruise in Aswan

  • Day 8 - Abu Simbel | Visits

    Breakfast and check out.
    Transfer: The Nubia Tours Representative will meet you on board your boat to escort you to the Aswan airport and assist you with all departure formalities.
    Flight: Board your flight to Abu Simbel
    Arrival: Arrival to Abu Simbel where Nubia Tours representative and private van will be waiting for your transfer to the Great Temple of Ramses II
    Abu Simbel: The two temples of Ramses II at Abu Simbel are each fronted by colossal statues up to 20 meters high, and are famed as the most impressive monuments remaining of Ancient Egypt in modern times. Recently the temples were threatened by the waters of Lake Nasser, and with the help of a UNESCO campaign they were cut into blocks, raised piece-by-piece, and reassembled in a new position higher up the hillside.
    Flight: Board your return flight to Cairo
    Arrival: Arrival to Cairo Domestic Airport & transfer to your Cairo Airport Hotel, for check in & overnight.

  • Day 9 - CAIRO City | Departure

    Breakfast: Breakfast at your hotel in Cairo and checkout
    Transfer: The Nubia Tours representative will meet you at the Cairo Hotel & escort you to the International Airport for your departure flight